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Complete Parenthood Preparation is the perfect programme for expectant parents created to give you full guidance on all the different aspects of pregnancy, birth and early parenthood. Created and delivered by 2 experienced antenatal & postpartum teachers and doulas, we will teach you everything from pregnancy care and birth preparation, all the way to breastfeeding and weaning.  

You’ll get the education, guidance and support you need to feel calm, confident and prepared. 


Hi! We’re Anna & Manisha, who have a shared passion to empower and support parents throughout their parenthood journey. We created this course so that mums and couples can get continuity of care from pregnancy all the way to after your baby is here. After finding that there is a huge lack of support for expectant and new parents, as well as a course that really prepares and guides you for parenthood, we put our skills together to create The Complete Parenthood Preparation Programme.

Our Aim:

➡ Empower you through evidence-based knowledge

➡ Build your confidence (mum & birth-partner)

➡ Help you have a calm and positive pregnancy

➡ Be prepared for birth and having a baby


I’m Anna, a Birth Doula, Antenatal Teacher and Birth Activist. I am extremely passionate about women’s rights and expectant parents’ birth choices. I’m also a huge home birth advocate and gentle caesarean promoter because I believe that how we are born matters. I trained with Spinning Babies in 2019 and I use these techniques with my clients to shorten and ease their labour. I am also a project officer for Maternity Voices Partnership,  an NHS group to improve maternity services in Nottinghamshire.


I’m Manisha, and I’m an Antenatal/Hypnobirthing Teacher, Doula and a Pregnancy & Postpartum Anxiety Coach. Through my own challenges I faced when I had my 3 boys, I found a huge lack of support for mums as well as high expectations to be perfect. With these 2 combined, I’ve seen how it’s increased the rates of perinatal depression and anxiety. I’m now dedicated to supporting mums using evidence-based education, effective tools and non-judgemental support tailored to them. Specialising in supporting the emotional and mental well-being, I help mums manage their anxieties from pregnancy to toddler-hood. Without the mum-guilt.

 All sessions will take place online via Zoom, and each

booking includes 2 spaces on the programme, for mum & birth-partner.

The next Programme starts on 13th March 2021, all classes will be on

the Weekend 10am-1pm. You can either book the Complete Parenthood

Preparation Programme for access to all sessions or book individual


1. Pregnancy care

Nutrition | Self-care

Mental Health

2. Mum & Baby (0-3m)

4th Trimester | Baby Blues | Bonding

Sleeping | Breastfeeding


3. Preparing For Birth

Horomones | How the Body Works

Birth Positions

4. Hypnobirthing

Breathing | Visualisations

Language | Relaxations Script

5. Birth Choices

Birth Choices | Places of Birth

Pain Relief | Communication

6. Mum & Baby (3-12m)

Breastfeeding ➡ Speech | Weaning

Managing Anxiety & Mum-guilt

Not sure which class you need or have a question? Get in touch on Facebook or send us a message.